Self Storage Services

Self-storage facilities have become very popular in recent years. Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes, garages and driveways can provide. Fort Dodge Self Storage offers its customers a number of different options, including Regular Storage and Climate Controlled Storage.

Regular Storage
Regular Storage would be like storing something in your garage.
We offer regular storage in many different sizes to meet your needs. Our storage units have roll up doors, concrete floors and the interior walls are metal all the way to the roof. These units have a vapor barrier on the roof to cut down on condensation.

Climate Controlled Storage
Climate Control Storage would be similar to storing something in your home. Climate controlled storage may cost a little more than regular storage options, but there are some definite advantages to consider. In general, climate controlled storage units should not fall below freezing in the winter or rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Unlike regular storage units, our climate controlled storage units are located inside a finished building. Outside dirt, dust and pest are less likely to be transferred indoors, which is good news for prized possessions. These units are available in many different sizes to meet your needs.
Residential Uses:
Excess furniture or personal items
Family heirlooms, collections and memorabilia
Seasonal items and clothing
Holiday Decor
Recreational vehicles, motor homes, motorcycles and cars
Renovating, remodeling or redecorating
Moving, renting, downsizing or relocating
Showing your home while on the market

Business Uses:
Documents, files and paperwork
Items not needed on a daily basis
Excess office furniture and equipment
Seasonal inventory
Samples, displays and exhibition equipment
Office supplies, allowing you to buy in bulk
Point of purchase or promotional materials
And more